Product Name Specification
Gyro Test Table Operating Voltage 220v./50HZ/1Ph.
Table Control Panel (RPM/Minuit Selector Knob, Timer, Forward, and Reverse Selector Switch) .Operating Supply Input Panel (115volt /400Hz/3ph & 27.5 volt DC). Obtain power (from Gyro) measuring Panel Indicator Range  
0-25mvDC/0-250mvDC Selectable Range, 0-25mvAC/0-250mvAC Selectable Range & 0-1mA DC/0-100mADC Selectable Range, 0-1mA AC/ 0-100mA AC Selectable Range
Mock-up air speed indicator(ASI) system Mock-up Operating Voltage 220v./50HZ/1Ph.
 Aircraft Air Speed Indicator(Serviceable)
Presser Gage, Air Compressor,
Complete Panel
Aircraft Bonding Tester With Charger Operating Voltage 3 volt
(Rechargeable Battery).
Charging Voltage 220V/50Hz/1ph
Range-0.005 Ω/0.05Ω Selectable Range With  60ft / 6ft Test Lead
Aircraft Fuel Quantity & Fuel Flow Indication principle Mock-up Tank unit, Float Sensor, Power Supply Unit,  indicator Panel
Tank unit, Capacitor Type Sensor, Power Supply Unit,  indicator Panel
Flow Sensor, Power Supply Unit,  indicator Panel & Fuel Pump, Complete Panel
Distance Measuring Mock-Up (DME) Infrared Ray Operated Digital Distance Meter, With Chargeable Battery Operated Moving System
Cabin Lighting System Mock-Up Operating Supply 220v/1ph./50Hz,
3 type different light with control unit.
Dead Weight Tester Range : 16 KGF, Step : 0.05,
Min : 0.2kgf/cm2, Max: 16kg/cm2
Accuracy : 0.1% of fs, with MS Weights 
Transformer Current Rectifier Unit (TRUs) Input 220 volt 50Hz , 5 Amps / 15 & 30 VDC, Bridge Rectifier Unit,  
C.T Rectifier Unit, with peak(rmsx1.41)facility & Volt, Amps Indicating System (Moving Coil) Complete Panel